Please note that this list of books only depicts a small number of things that occurred in the lead up and during the second world war. We will endeavour to add things to this when they are relevant to the story 

The Secret Agent’s Pocket Manual 1939 - 1945; Stephen Bull

The SAS pocket manual 1941 - 1945; Christopher Westhorp

MI6 Spy Skills for Civilians; Red Riley

Between Silk and Cyanide; Leo Marks

Behind the Enigma; John Ferris

MI6; Stephen Dorril

The secret history of MI6; Keith Jeffery

The Code Breakers of Bletchley Park; Dermot Turing

The Secret Life of Bletchley Park; Sinclair McKay

GCHQ; Richard J Aldrich

Bletchley Park Brain Teasers; Sinclair McKay

The London Cage; Helen Fry

Ian Fleming’s Commandos; Nicholas Rankin

Churchill’s Desert Rats; Patrick Delaforce

The Defence of the Realm – The authorized History of MI5; Christopher Andrew

The Secret World - A History of Intelligence; Christopher Andrew

Churchill’s Wizards; Nicholas Rankin

The Secrets of Station X; Michael Smith

The Secret War; Brian Johnson

Operation Mincemeat; Ben Mcintyre

Dunkirk; Sean Longden

SAS and Elite Forces; Jon E Lewis

Spies; Colin, Damon and Rowan Wilson

War Heroes; Giles O’Brien

The Black Door; Richard J Aldrich and Rory Cormac

SAS Shadow Raiders; Damien Lewis

Intercept; Gordon Corera

Portrait of Churchill; Guy Eden

Para-military training in Scotland During World War 2; David M Harrison

Arisaig and the Special Operations Executive;The Arisaig Land, Sea and Islands Centre

The Women who lived for danger; Marcus Binney

Behind Enemy Lines;Russell Miller

She landed by Moonlight; Carole Seymour-Jones

SOE Manual; The National Archives

All-in fighting; W E Fairbairn

Hands Off – Self-Defense for Women; W E Fairbairn

Get Tough; W E Fairbairn

Churchills Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare; Giles Milton

How to become a spy; British SOE

No Cloak, No Dagger; Benjamin Cowburn

SOE and the Resistance; The Times, Michael Tillotson

The last escape; John Nichol and Tony Rennnell

The Third Reich is listening; Christian Jennings

The Third Reich’s Intelligence Services; Katrin Paehler

Gestapo; Frank McDonough

Hitlers Spy Chief; Richard Bassett

The Devils Disciples; Anthony Read

World War II; Dear Foot

Who’s Who in Nazi Germay; Robert S Wistrich

Munich and National Socialism; C H Beck

The Plots kill Hitler; Richard Dargie

The Third Reich at War; Mihael Veranov

The Nazi’s and the Occult; Paul Roland

Hess, Hitler and Churchill; Peter Padfield

The truth about Rudolf Hess; James Douglas-Hamilton

The German Opposition to Hitler; Michael Thomsett

An honourable defeat; Anton Gill

Magda; Meike Ziervogel

Nazi Wives; James Wyllie

The Female Few; Jacky Hyams

Extraordinary Women in History; Leah Gail

Her Finest Hour; Gabrielle McDonald-Rothwell

Odette; World War Two’s Darling Spy Penny Starns

Going with the Boys; Judith Mackrell

The Unwomanly Face of War; Svetlana Alexievich

Voices from the Holocaust; Jon E Lewis

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp; Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

The Dachau concentration Camp, 1933 to 1945; Dachau Camp

Ravensbrück ; Jack G Morrison

How Spies Think; David Omand

How to fly a plane; Captain Barber RFC

A dictionary of RAF Slang; Eric Partridge

Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang; Oxford

The Choice|; Edith Eger

Agent Patterson SOE; Ernest Van Maurik

Goebbels on the Jews; Goebbels

My Struggle; A Hitler

Hess; Roger Manvell and Heinrich Fraenkel

The Work I did; Brunhilde Pomsel

A delayed life; Dita Kraus

The Diary of Anne Frank; Anne Frank

The Dodger; Tim Carroll

Gone to Ground; Marie Jalowicz

The Librarian of Auschwitz; Antonio Iturbe

The Volunteer; Jack Fairweather

The Hurricane Girls; Jo Wheeler

The Tattoo Artist of Auschwitz; Heather Morris

What did you do in the war Sister?; Dennis J Turner

Alone in Berlin; Hans Fallada

Courtney’s War; Wilbur Smith

Orders from Berlin; Simon Tolkien

Munich; Robert Harris

Berlin Calling; Kelly Durham

The Girl who fell from the sky; Simon Mawer

A Hero in France; Alan Furst

Huntress; Kate Quinn

Charlotte Gray; Sebastian Faulks

Enigma; Robert Harris

The Night Watch; Sarah Waters

Stalingrad; Antony Beevor

We fought for Ardnish; Angus MacDonald

City of Spies; Mara Timon

The Secret Messenger; Mandy Robotham

Hearts of Resistance;Soraya M Lane

The Pale House; Luke McCallin

The Nine; Gwen Strauss

The Good German; Josef Kanon

The Photographer; Meike Ziervogel

The Spy Game; Georgina Harding

The Polish Officer; Alan Furst

The Interrogator; Andrew Williams

All the light we cannot see; AnthonyDoer

The Children of Freedom; Marc Levy

The Book Thief; Markus Zusak

Kommandant’s Girl; Pam Jenoff

Spy; Danielle Steele

The Undertaking; Audrey Magee

Wartime at Woolworths; Elaine Everest

As Time Goes By; Annie Groves

The Night Watch; Sarah Waters

The Anatomy of Writing; John Turby

Agent Patterson SOE; Ernest Van Maurik

Writers and Artists Yearbook; Author

A dictionary of Modern English Usage; Oxford - Fowler

Dictionary of quotations; Bloomsbury

The Writers Handbook – Guide to Crime Writing; Barry Turner

Guide to Self-publishing; Writers and Artists

Guide to How to Hook an Agent; James Rennoldson

Guide to getting published; Alysoun Owen

Storycraft; Jack Hart

Dynamic Characters; Nancy Kress

From Pitch to publication; Carole Blake

DVD - Documentary

Now it can be told |Secret War Collection | Nazi Collaborators | D-Day the Last Heroes | Nazis A warning from history | 100 years of the RAF

DVD - Based on a true story

13 Minutes | Schindler’s List | Imitation Game | Enigma | The Counterfeiters | A call to spy | Adolf Eichmann | Anthropoid | Churchill | Hackshaw Ridge | The Resistance | Darkest Hour | Dunkirk | Alone in Berlin | Monuments Men | Operation Mincemeat | Escape from Sobidor

DVD - Fictional

The Pianist | Sophie’s Choice | Black Book | Labyrinth of Lies | The Resistance fighter | Jojo Rabbit | Their Finest | The Bird catcher | Defiance | The Exception | The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society | Saving Private Ryan | The Book thief